Shipping Info

Shipping Info


Notice: We ship to Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Italy, USA.

The parcel will be sent out within the first 48 hours once the orders are made. At the same time, an informed email will be in your e-mail box once the parcel is out. The tracking number inside is to trace the timely status of the parcel.

Usually, it may take 6–15 natural days for the parcel to arrive in most countries or at your place.

The specific country transportation time limit is shown in the following figure for reference:

Asking for forgiveness for any inconvenience

The shipping time is affected by multiple factors, like the destination country, customs, weather, and so on, which are really hard to control. This is what we are working on all the time to make it better and better.

Transaction Fee

World-wide FREE SHIPPING over $69.

If you have any questions, be free to contact us or e-mail us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you all for your concern and support!

After placing your order, we will send your package within 3 days. And you will receive a text or an email from us to confirm proceeding with the order information.


If you found that:

  • Your package has not been delivered within the specified time.
  • The tracking information shows that the package has been delivered, but you have not received it.
  • or your package includes missing or incorrect items, please contact customer service within 30 days of the payment date so that the aforementioned issues can be addressed.
  • For other orders, products, and logistics-related issues, make sure to contact customer service within 15–30 days of the order date.

PS: If your order exceeds the local customs clearance requirements, you need to fill in the company information for customs clearance (for example, fill in the company name in the first name and the company ID in the last name); otherwise, it will affect the package customs clearance and transfer.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.