AESOP 7016G dog Tourbillon Double Hands Watch

Color : Rose Gold

Tourbillon Dynamic Mechanical Watch:

lt takes more than six months to make More than 450 processes More than 70 bridge board polishing processes
More than thirty clock technicians areneeded More than 50 dial milling process
Each part requires between five and 100 steps Choose dozens of different metal materials

Design Inspiration:
1.Since ancient times, Chinese people believe that dogs are lucky animals,
and their barking signals the coming of fortune.
2.Watchmaker is in hollow out on the basis of miniature sculpture, joined the dog design that symbolizes good luck, 
additional, still joined the magpie that symbolizes good luck and blessing, still have the butterfly that implied
meaning is beautiful

Tourbillon wristwatch:

Tourbillon movement:
Superb tourbillon craft design,Can watch the balance wheelflying, the movement at a glance.

Hollow Carving Craft:
Achievement of a treasure,exquisite craftsmanship,originality

Front and rear hollow window design:
The hollow window opened at 6 o' clock and the back cover is fully perspectived to show the mechanical aesthetics.

Quality stainless steel forging:
experiencing the domain and texture of the watch,
the smooth lines of the case, watchmakers carefully
polishes,selected medical grade steel

High quality cattle belt:
Craftsmanship and refinement,it's and leather delicate and delicate, The wristband is made of imported calfskin

Customized service  display:
The buckle area is a custom area Chinese, English,and Digital

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Case: stainless
Crown: stainless
Strap: Cowhide
Dial: traditional rivcts Mirror: Synthctic sapphire
Movement: Original tourbillon skelelonized Movement 
Frequency: 28800
Running time: approx. 4o hours (manual winding)
Timekeeping error: plus or minus ten seconds per day