AESOP 7053G tourbillon watch


Superb work of art:
Only the highest level of artistic beauty can be compared with excellent
Aesop understands this watchmaking philosophy and principle well.

Super luminous design fearless of night

Break the limits of technology:
All-round transparency
Design a mechanical heart that feels the beating The case adopts a multi-component split hollow design with a very personalized case design The extreme hollowing out not only ensures the rigidity of the watch body but also gives full play to the elasticity of the material.
Therefore, the design of the case adds points to the overall shock-absorbing performance of the watch.

Sapphire mirror:
Mohs 9 hardness upgraded anti-scratchcoating to resist corrosion

Domineering and flamboyant, shocking to the eyes:
The highly recognizable and domineering design instantly ignites male
charm when you raise your hand.
He immediately stood out from the crowd and was instantly captivated!

Product parameters:
Movement:original tourbillon movement
Dial thickness:12MM
Case diameter:42MM
Case material: 316 stainless steel
Strap material: first layer cowhide
Dial features: double-sided hollow super
Strap width:22-18MM
Wearing length:220MM
Watch frequency:21600Hz/Hr

Case material:
316 stainless steel
Synthetic sapphire
Strap material:
first layer cowhide
Waterproof depth:
30 meters life defense
Waterproof depth:
30 meters life defense
Direct entry

Note: Due to manual measurement, the actual size of the product may be slightly different from the data we provide.

Precision mechanical construction:
The realization of a man's imagination of refinement
The movement,the size of a silver dollar, has more than 200
parts,and the precise structure contains all the clever
movements of the mechanism